My name is Malcolm and I will introduce some ideas and methods for fitness. For an example how teen nutrition is healthy for you. Also, how certain types of workouts can improve certain parts of your body, and how to lose weight the healthy ways. For an example wood chop with medicine ball the idea behind this exercise is to keep your body, torso and core strong and stable as you swing your arms across the diagonal. Don’t let your body twist, bend or pivot while the arms move. Once your done doing that i would want to drink a vanila protein shake.

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  1. brian311 says:

    This sounds pretty cool. I want to try to do the wood chop with medicine ball when I get home. It sounds like a really fun alternative to the normal crunches and a really good workout. I also like how you have a link to protein shakes because I used to buy one but did not like it a lot. Maybe I will find one I like on yours. Keep posting cool and different workouts.


  2. Hey, Malcolm. You have some good advice so far as well as specific for ones work out. I believe that your advice will help me throughout my year to get ready for the season of hockey. I will definatly read on your latest posts to get better and so I can become stronger so I don’t always get pumbled on the ice.

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